Updated and Rev 01.01.2024

The following describes the meaning and status of “maintenance provided” for the 34 “condominium units” of Mayfair Condominium HOA.

  • Current HOA monthly HOA dues are $550 per month. Monthly HOA dues are due the first of each month by bank draft (which is normally drafted on the 4th day of the month) and “late” if not paid in full by the 5th of each month. (Amend. BOD Minutes 11/21/2019)

Monthly HOA Dues are used to provide, but are not limited to, the following services and facilities—

  • Weekly trash removal (generally Fridays unless a Holiday interrupt regular service). Each Unit contains a “trash closet” with interior entrance from the garage for the Unit-holder and exterior entrance to the closet from outside the Unit for refuse service contractors.
  • Routine Mowing/trimming/edging of all Common Ground greenspace is scheduled for Fridays as needed, barring inclement weather or other issues.
  • Routine leaf removal of all Common Grounds.
  • Annual six-step weed/feed program for all Common Grounds.
  • Monthly weed removal for Common Ground plant and tree surrounds.
  • Annual mulching of Common Ground shrubs and trees.
  • Routine Common Ground tree “dead-wooding,” lifting, pruning and care.
  • Trimming/pruning of all Common Ground shrubs and bushes 2 times annually.
  • Snow removal of all Mayfair streets, parking, private drives and front walks to the door per Mayfair Snow Removal/Ice Treatment Policy (see page 2).
  • Maintenance/Repair of Mayfair Clubhouse, Swimming Pool (typically opens before Memorial Day weekend; closes in mid-September), “stocked” Ponds, Waterfall, Gates, and Exterior Fence.
  • 8-year cycle of siding repair and repainting for every Mayfair building (there are 16 buildings on the complex; 2 buildings are done each year over the 8-year cycle).
  • Irrigation of the Common Grounds located within the exterior fence and along Burlingame Road; and maintenance of the irrigation system.
  • Property Management is provided by an onsite Homeowner/Administrator for the BOD. (Amend. BOD Minutes 11/21/2019)
  • Annual tax preparation, state fees, and taxes for Mayfair HOA, Inc.

Of Interest—

  • Mayfair HOA roofs were completely replaced Fall 2016-Spring 2017 with Atlas architectural design composite Class 4 Impact Resistant (IR) roofing, underlayment and metal edging.
  • All Mayfair HOA-approved contractors are appropriately licensed and Insured.
  • All Mayfair HOA-approved contractors are hired by the Mayfair BOD. Such contractors take instruction/direction ONLY from the Mayfair HOA President, President’s designee, or Mayfair Place Administrator. If Mayfair home owners/residents have an issue with contractors, DO NOT interrupt the contractor. RATHER contact the Mayfair HOA President or Administrator to lodge your concern. (Amend. BOD Minutes 11/21/2019)